Dialogue Questions for “Focus Frames for Conversations About Bias”

This week, we are talking about this short and sweet resource that serves as a guide for having tough conversations. 

Focusing Frames for Conversations About Bias

  1. When has someone calling you out on your bias made you feel defensive? When has it made you feel enlightened and empowered to do better next time? Why do you think you received the situations/feedback/criticism so differently?
  2. In thinking about conversations you have had regarding race, how can we differentiate between productive and harmful dialogue? Think about covert vs. overt racism (see helpful graphic at the bottom of this email), conversations that could spark growth, and your own boundaries/investment of energy. 
  3. Plan with the support of your group a conversation (based on real life or realistic scenarios you might encounter) that you would like to have with someone (again, real without naming names or hypothetical) about racism, intent, and impact. 

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