Sunday, July 26 Dialogue Postponed

We’re postponing tonight’s dialogue to next Sunday, August 2nd!

Hey team,

Sorry to do this on such short notice but we’re both moving and frankly, pretty emotionally drained this weekend. We think it is really important to honor our need for rest tonight (again, Ellie’s currently moving across the country, set to land right after dialogue would start and Emily’s moving from one home to another this week, too) AND we think that talking about anti-racism as a political experience is too important to be only half-invested on our end. 

That being said, Rep. Lewis’s words are evergreen and the need to talk about anti-racism and politics will still exist next Sunday so we’re just going to put a pin in this week and re-send our dialogue questions and resource for Friday’s reminder. Tomorrow, we’ll send a shorter newsletter with the same general theme of anti-racism being political with a few new places to donate, new weekly actions, and new supplemental resources to keep us all on our toes. 

We’re really thankful for this work and this group and your flexibility with us in this season of transition for both of us! Plus, this email feels like a great way to introduce The Nap Ministry, an organization run by Tricia Hersey entirely devoted to rest while doing this big, sometimes draining anti-racist work (you can check their website, linked above or visit on Instagram here). We (none of us) cannot pour from an empty cup. If you’re like us and you struggle with that, we encourage you to take a nap and then listen to this podcast where Ms. Hersey tells it like it is – we all deserve rest

And if you haven’t watched or read it yet, this is a great opportunity to catch up with our primary resource 🙂

John Lewis’s Speech at the March on Washington // Transcript 

We can’t wait to see you next week when we are less sleepy and more invigorated. 

In solidarity,
Ellie and Emily

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