Reminder: Dialogue with Sophonie Pierre-Michel Sunday


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Hi friends,

Just wanted to send an end-of-week reminder about the second event of our Speaker Series this Sunday, October 11 at 7PM EST/5PM MDT! This week, our speaker will cover her involvement in protests this summer in NYC, the importance of organizing, the intersections of climate justice, racial justice, and economic justice, and what we should be looking for re: organizing in the coming months of election transition, COVID-19, and cold weather plans for protests.

Once again, we’ll send out a synthesis of what we learn from Sophonie in our Monday email and will post a full recording of our conversation to our subscribers on Patreon.

Have a specific question about the protests, the movement, or the future? Let us know!SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS FOR SOPHONIE HERE

In her own words, she says:

My name is Sophie Michel and I am a climate activist and political organizer. Born and raised in New York, I am a recent graduate of the University at Buffalo and started organizing in 2019. I organize with a newly formed team called Strategy for Black Lives (SFBL). SFBL seeks to organize, educate, and engage communities to raise awareness of America’s history in the mistreatment of marginalized populations. Aside from organizing and leading protests across New York City and New York State with my team and other black/POC organizers, I work to bring new members into the team and uplift team morale. Being a part of this movement means lifting liberated Black voices and I am excited to be a part of the process! 

Our $100 speaker payment will be donated to Strategy for Black Lives this week, but if you would like to make an additional donation to their team and the movement, you can directly Venmo or Cashapp: $ItsaStrategy and follow them on Instagram @strategyforblacklives.  


Meeting ID: 953 989 3647

Passcode: SOPHIE


We also wanted to put our readers on notice of an incredible guide to abolition that Colin Kaepernick and his team at Kaepernick Publishing Company and Know Your Rights Camp are releasing over the next month. Abolition for the People is a series of 30 essays by people affected by police violence, particularly Black and Brown people, and is making the case for abolition. We know not all of our readers are there yet re: police and prison abolition. And, we highly encourage reading these honest, interesting, compassionate takes on what it would mean to have a safer world, for all of us, especially if you are someone who has been more closed off to the idea of “defunding the police” this summer. 

The first 5 are already online (and they’re all brilliant and thought-provoking), but we recommend starting with Losing My Son To Police Violence: a Conversation with Gwendolyn Woods

“As a Black mother, it’s understandable that we go into grieving mode. You feel like you left your child out there to be executed by police and the schools and the politicians and the poverty and the addiction. But we also have to go into fighting mode. We have to fight for ourselves and our children and our communities. None of our children are one-dimensional. None of us are one-dimensional.”


Alright everyone, we will see you Sunday at 7PM EST/ 5PM MDT on Zoom with Sophonie! Tell your family and friends to come join us! Until then, Ellie will probably be playing volleyball (she’s honestly getting pretty good) and Emily will be eating pizza (pizza Friday, every Friday, it’s a lifestyle). Godspeed!

In Solidarity,
Ellie and Emily

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